Natural Energy

There is a sense that the sciences are the path to discovering absolute objective truths, and our expectation is that the empirical data we gather has its own answers encoded within, but we are merely translating one phenomena to another, so the interpretation is left to us. We hold onto vestiges from the age of reason, which implied that phenomena can be neatly compartmentalised into Kantian categories, but nature isn’t so well ordered.
Even the characteristically distinct regions of the electromagnetic spectrum blend at their transitions without definitive separation, much like the Deleuzian trinity of science, art and philosophy. These transition zones confound definition and remain open to possibility.
Presented here are the intersections of visible, near-visible infrared, and thermal infrared energy, to reveal the varied intensity emitted from these distinct forms of energy throughout the environment, and that an object’s presence is defined by more than we are immediately aware.