Looking Deeper

Like many landscape photographers, I seek to capture the awe-inspiring effects of nature. However, I propose that there are factors beyond our consciousness influencing that perception. My explorations with infrared photography, which began with my “Revelations” series, have continued to look beyond what is visible to the naked eye, suggesting that these unseen energies contribute to the sense of awe we experience.

Infrared light is not diminished by atmospheric haze, giving even vast landscapes a sense of immediacy. What appears obscure and enigmatic in visible light becomes unveiled and intimate in infrared. Plants glow noticeably in infrared, and in contrast with the stark environment of the alpine it becomes apparent how life is eager to grow in even the most unlikely settings.
With this energy revealed, I challenge the viewer to consider processes that exist all around us, yet beyond our senses. To not take anything solely at face value has great implications.